What is this?

This is a photoblog — a social-media-free vehicle for learning, sharing, and expressing creativity. Whatever I learn here, I apply to my work with technical writing clients.

Family life

Many blog entries are about family life. When photography is mostly a hobby you have to integrate it into your daily responsibilities.

The Outdoors

I love to hike and backpack with a camera. I tend to focus on the smaller details rather than the big landscapes in places that take time to visit.


It's in my nature to document things. This makes street photography a perfect genre for me. I can have fun all day long with a roll of film and a Leica camera.


The fresh perspectives, local colour, and interesting people you see when traveling are so exciting. I'm compelled to capture all the new sights.


Taking portraits at home with studio lighting or outside with natural light maybe the most rewarding genre of photography for me. Giving a friend a portrait is a great gift.