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Dec 27 2018

2018 in pictures

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

Last year I made a video slideshow of my favourite photos from 2017 and posted the video on YouTube. We’ve enjoyed watching it from time to time and it would be nice for it to become a tradition. So, here’s the video for 2018.

To watch the video on the markandkaori YouTube channel, here’s the link.

Last year, the video slideshow included the story of Louie’s birth. This year there was, fortunately, nothing so dramatic, but we do have some nice photos that show how much Louie has grown over the year. The photos make it obvious that our lives this year have been all about Louie. There are no photos of Kaori and me doing something together, or photos of us out with friends, or hiking photos! That’s something to fix for this year. I at least have to start hiking again!

On the technical side, I created the video slideshow in Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom has a primitive slideshow creation feature, but it does have the benefit of being low effort and fast. You simply make a collection of photos, link the collection to a music track, select a few settings and let the software do its work.

I could have also manually built a slideshow in Photoshop, allowing me to choose the slide order, change the aspect ratio, add more interesting title slides, and manually adjust the slideshow to the music track. For now, though, the quick and easy method was a good choice. It would have been nice to change the aspect ratio for inclusion on this site because the widescreen 16:9 Lightroom rendition leaves black areas above and to the sides of the 3:2 images. This is actually pretty lame. Maybe next year I’ll use Photoshop instead.

I could have also used a real video editor to create the slideshow, such as Adobe Premier Pro, which has built-in colour grading as well as aspect ratio selection. But as I’d already done colour grading in Lightroom, Premier Pro would have been overkill.

The music for the video is from It’s called All We Need by City Acres.

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