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Sep 04 2018

Papa Papa

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

Early this morning, Louie walked over to me, clapped his hand on my leg a few times and said, “Papa, Papa!”. I admit that I got tears in my eyes. It was the first time he’s said that. I always refer to myself as Daddy, but Kaori uses Papa with him and Papa it is.

It was back to work today, but we had some nice times over the Labor Day weekend.

We had brunch with Cerys and wandered around Los Altos. We also visited the gardens of a local Egyptian museum, Here are some of the pictures.

Louie settled into his favourite chair at the Los Altos bookstore and browsed some books.

He had some help from his big sister who’s just turned 22!

Outside there were some giant Lego bricks to play with.

The dirtiest ones tasted the best, of course.

We intended to visit the Egyptian museum, but it was closed. So we wandered around the gardens and watched the fish for a while.

We also did a fashion photoshoot.

Louie is advanced in walking, talking, detailed hand movements, and … tantrumming. Mummy had to say a few words…

and then all hell broke loose.

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