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Aug 25 2018

Mobile phone only

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

I’m going to try something different for this post – I’ll be using only my cell phone. I’ll use the built-in camera for the photos and the Google Docs voice-to-text feature to dictate the text.

I’m not a fan of cell phone cameras. Yes, they are better than they used to be, but the tiny lens and sensor still can’t match a dedicated camera.

I also think that voice-to-text technology has a way to go before it’s really very usable. However, having said that, it just accurately typed everything I said.

It’s about 8am and I am sitting at the table feeding Louie his breakfast.

Louie is mostly self-feeding with finger food now. We do still feed him with a spoon, though, to reduce how much food ends up in his hair.

His favorite food might be banana, although he also loves strawberries, blueberries and mango. When he’s hungry, he will eat an entire banana by himself in one sitting. This morning, he’s also eating Kix cereal and mango yogurt.

After breakfast, Louie got down and ran around the house for a while. I made him a quick fort, which he played in for a few minutes.

He then got back up to the table for second breakfast. This time I made him Daddy’s special cheese and broccoli egg pizza/frittata.

It’s really quick to make. He ate some of it, but I’m sad to report that he avoided the broccoli parts.

After second breakfast Louie and I went out into the front yard, watered the plants, and played with his toy watering can. Then it was time to get ready and drive to a birthday party in Los Altos.

There were many baby friends at the party and the strawberries and blueberries were yummy. Louie didn’t really eat the cake though – he’s not a cake kind of boy. He did like playing with the ice from the ice chest and wanted to play with the balloons but Mummy made sure they were off limits – choking hazard.

He hadn’t really played with ice before and it hurt his hand and made him cry but he wouldn’t let it go. He also climbed up and down a steep path about 20 times.

Outside the private party area that we were in, there was a brass band playing. I took Louie over and he entertained all the old people who were there on a day trip from an assisted living home. They said that he made their day. We went and got Mum so she could share in the fun.

I know I’m his Dad, but his physical and verbal skills and how he interacts with people seem to be ahead of most other babies of his age. This is great and he’s amazes us every day with his smartness, but he’s wearing us out! He learned to say, “No!” yesterday, and he’s started to throw mild tantrums already.

After the party we went to a very nice bakery cafe close by and had a coffee and sandwich. Louie played on an old train car next to the cafe, and he walked up and down some steps over and over again.

He saw bees for the first time and smelled lavender crushed between his fingers.

Finally, it was time for a nap in the car on the ride home.

After some dinner, we walked the dog around the block. And just to prove that cell phone photos are no match for a real camera, here’s my best photo of Louie playing with the dog on the front lawn.

Overall, we had a very nice day with our little guy. Dictating this post, with some clean-up afterwards wasn’t too bad, actually, and I’ll do it again. The cell phone photos are poor compared with my full-frame camera. Even though it’s one of the best cell phone cameras available, its tiny lens and automatic settings can’t compare with a proper camera with manual settings. I think the quality of the video is reasonable, though.

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