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Aug 06 2018

Louie is one year old now and I wanted to take a 15 minutes to visit the person who created him and say thank you.

Obviously, Kaori and I provided the raw materials. Kaori also worked very hard growing Louie for 10 months, and there were many other physicians who did important things. But, we can’t forget the critical role that Dr Wachs played because she created the treatment plan and performed the fertilization that made the embryo we now know as Louie.

We visited Dr Wach’s office last week. Louie had a great time looking at the blue lights in the water refrigerator, and meeting the staff. He wasn’t in the best mood by the time I took photos, but the visit was the important part.

For speed’s sake, I let the camera choose the settings, which was a mistake as always. The visit was super though.


The whole process of IVF is very amazing. The technology and medical experience comnbine to bring such joy to so many people who otherwise wouldn’t be lucky enough to have a child. And I think about this sometimes. Had Dr Wachs had dropped my fluid into a different part of the dish, or created a ripple in the growth medium, or made any other microscopic change, Louie would be a different boy, or would even be a Louise. We are very happy with the Louie that we have, so thank you Dr. Wachs!

Given that three of Kaori’s friends are now visiting the clinic and another has just had a clinic baby, it’s been a good result for everyone.

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