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Aug 03 2018

Back in business

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

I’m back up and running with a whole new technology, new design, and new domain name.

No more Wordpress

No more Wordpress for me… EVER!

The problem with Wordpress is that you do all your work in an administration interface that is hosted directly on the webserver. This is highly susceptible to hackers, malware thugs, and ransomware bas#%#$*ds. Not only that, but you can’t see your files. You write your blog posts and pages in the administration interfaces and they are saved in cryptic files all bound together with an even more cryptic MySQL database.

This website is a static site, built on my own computer and then uploaded to the webserver with FTP. There’s nothing to hack, as long as I keep my FTP password safe. It’s such a relief to have my content to be safe and secure and to feel in full control of all my files. I’ve invested over four years in this site and it’s important to me now.

A new website name

I also moved web host and as part of that move purchased the domain. I’ll redirect my domain to the new domain. I noticed that the ‘z’ in the name made it harder for people to grasp the name of the site, so I’m happy to change it.

A new design

I started this site from a Jekyll design and am now modifying it to suit my purposes. It will be some weeks before I’ve settled on a design, I think. It will take longer for me to select photos to include on the introductory slider and portfolio.

The layout is very different from my previous site. The site no longer has a Photo Stories page. I’m just including the Photo Stories as standard blog entries now.

What’s new is the Portfolio page. I want to gather collections of photos with a common theme to place here. There’s skill in curating collections of photos and making them look consistent, and it’s a skill that I want to develop. The portfolio page may be a precursor to starting an Instagram page with a single theme. We’ll see.

My business site

At the same time as making changes to this site, I also moved my business website, which is now at

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