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Jun 11 2018


By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

We went to Cerys’ graduation ceremony on Friday afternoon.

To get some of these photos I had to do paparazzi-style fast moving to outwit the security people who wanted to block close access near the front. And I nearly got beaten up by a very old lady because I temporarily blocked her view. But I’ve spent a lot of money at this school, the least I could expect is the chance to take a few photos of my daughter walking across the stage.

It may look as though Cerys has graduated but she actually still has a couple of classes to take and will graduate in December. This was her chance to walk across the stage all dressed up, though, so she took it.

There were thousands of people there, as this panorama shows. Click it for a larger version.

I made this panorama by stiching together multiple images. Can you spot the man in the red shirt who’s in the picture five times?

It was hot and Louie was hard to contain because there was nowhere safe for him to crawl. But it was all worth it to see Rosalie and Cerys for a little bit.

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