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Apr 22 2018

Day trip to Carmel

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

The weather’s warmed up and we went to Carmel for the first time this year. We had breakfast at our favourite little breakfast place where Louie played with a couple of rescued greyhounds. Then we went to the beach.

Compared to past trips to Carmel, this one was definitely all about Louie. At eight months, he needs constant attention. Add a dog to the equation and even a day trip becomes a lot of management with no relaxation. It was still nice to get out though.

Taking photos was a run-and-gun affair. The direct sun combined with a baby who never stops moving and no time to set up meant instinctive shooting rather than thoughtful shooting. I used an on-camera flash to fill in the sun’s shadows on the beach and also to add a little pop under the tree shade in the park.

Louie loved playing with the sand.

His stick was a great find.

But Sakura had to dive away when things got a bit too crazy.

It was important from time to time to suck on Mummy’s Lulu Lemon zipper pull.

After a wander around the shops we made it to the park for lunch.

Yep, he’s under there having a snack.

And the Magic Milk finally put him out so we could catch our breath for a few minutes.

Then it was play time at the park — especially with socks for some reason.

And just to prove that we really were at the ocean, here’s my only photo that shows it. Kaori packing up her Mummy backpack with Sakura patiently waiting for us.

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