layout: post title: “Turtle toys and good cops” date: 2018-01-30 author: Mark Beresford —

Louie loves his toy turtle that Rhonda and her family bought for him. They’ve been so generous with Louie. Rhonda’s two boys even went through their book collection and gave up some of their favorite books so Louie could have them. I’ll try to get some photos of story time with their books soon.

I couldn’t resist this one. Louie doesn’t much like his crib. He much prefers to be in the big bed with Mum and Dad. We’re working on sleep training but the problem is Mum is the good cop and I’m the even gooder cop. I really don’t like leaving him to cry, so I keep going in and comforting him. After numerous rounds of five-minute crying periods, I’ll take him milk and he’ll sob on my shoulder, then drink the whole bottle and fall asleep in my arms.

Yesterday lunchtime he fell asleep during the day with his feet stuck through the bars!