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Nov 18 2017

Okuizome is an ancient Japanese ritual that celebrates 100 days of life and brings luck for the future. The celebration is centered around particular foods served on lacquer dishes with tall feet. Friends and family pretend to give the infant foods in a certain order. The meal consists of a whole fish, soup, steamed rice with adzuki beans, and three side dishes. The side dishes traditionally include a plum, a pickled dish, and a simmered dish. The meal also includes a hard ‘stone’ to ensure good teeth. We used a chestnut in place of a stone.

Kaori worked hard for several days to prepare the decorations, make some of the food, and order the fish and cake. Tomo-chan made the traditional dishes. Buying all the right foods and cooking them in the proper way was a lot to do and we are very grateful for her help. Kaori’s close group of friends with the usual dogs and husbands came over. And our neighbors Scott and Laurie stopped by to bear witness. It was a lively, fun party and we think Louie enjoyed it. He’s pretty tired out now!

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