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Sep 13 2017

Captain adorable

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

The 35mm lens isn’t good for close-up portraits, but the distortion can be cute with babies and dogs. And anyway, it’s the lens I had with me on our trip to the coffee shop.

With wide-angle lenses, objects closer to the lens appear bigger than they actually are and objects further away appear smaller. This is why close-ups of people taken on smartphones look terrible. People don’t look good with a big nose, big forehead, wide cheeks, small eyes, and tiny ears.

Louie is changing so quickly. He barely fits in his bath tub now, spends more time awake, can sort-of hold his head up, and has started smiling. We’re sad that he graduated out of newborn-sized nappies this week. I’ve got to make some proper photos soon instead of these quick snapshots.

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