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Jun 25 2017

Last month we went to Campbell Farmer’s Market and I took some photos but was not that happy with them. We headed back there with Vivi and Jiji today and I used the opportunity to try again.

The main problem with my last set was that although I wanted a narrow depth of field, I placed the focus in the center of the image. I could see afterwards the part of the image that’s in focus really needs to be at the front. So, this time, I used a macro lens and selected a bottom AF point instead of center AF point. I tried to focus-recompose as little as possible.

This set is a lot better, even though they are still more snapshot than carefully composed images. With the market bustling with people, no ability to modify the light, and limited time to take each photo, there’s no other option. To improve further, I’d need a tripod and the time to consider each photo carefully. I especially need to identify the main subject of the photo and decide exactly how much of the photo I wanted to be in focus. Some of the photos are too narrow in their depth of field and some don’t have a clear subject that’s at the point of focus.

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