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May 30 2017

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

I’m ready to take my photography to the next level, and to celebrate that idea, I’ve changed the name of my website to I never intended to be a permanent name. I wanted something shorter and less about me when I set it up, but couldn’t think of a name I liked that wasn’t already taken. Yesterday was Memorial Day and I had some time to play with ideas and come up with the new name.

I know I won’t have a lot of time for photography, but taking great photos is such a nice thing to be able to do that it’s worth making the effort to study and practice. I’m looking for quality over quantity, and a thoughtful approach.

Here are some of my improvement ideas:

  • Improve the styling of my website with small tweaks that add up to a more professional look raises the standard that I need to live up to.
  • Print some of my photos. I’ve hardly printed any of my photos and it’s time I put some up on our walls at home. To make this a learning experience, I’ve ordered a book that steps through the process of preparing digital photos for printing. I’ll select a dozen photos to work on and get it done.
  • Learn from Lightroom presets that others have created. I recently ordered a set of presets from Rebecca Lily that create a film-like, more sophisticated look that should help blend my film and digital photos. The photo above is from my Hasselblad film camera and treated with one of Rebecca’s presets. Upgrade my computer tools. I’ve subscribed to Adobe CC for photographers. I’ve been using a version of Lightroom that is several versions behind and a copy of Photoshop from 2003! Buy a new digital camera. My Canon 5d Mark II is now approaching 10 years old. While it can take good photos, technology has improved significantly and it’s time to upgrade. I’d like to be able to document my son’s birth in a couple of months and the biggest problem with the Mark II is its poor low-light performance. The new Mark IV fixes that problem so I can take photos without a flash in the hospital, and with about twice the number of pixels, it generally produces higher quality images.
  • Take some photography courses. I’ve been subscriber for a year and haven’t yet taken any of their photography courses.
  • Improve my home lighting setup. That means get better studio flashes, a background, and light modifiers.

It’s going to be hard to fit in the time to do all this. I also want to take my business to the next level, keep exercising to stay fit, as well as fulfill my responsibilities in other areas. This is why I need to emphasize quality over quantity. By only taking photos in situations I know will produce good results, taking fewer photos, and only picking the best of them to develop, I think can produce some great images with less overall effort. Also, by doing some micro projects, and by always having my camera with me, I should be able to find opportunities to squeeze in a few photos in between times.

Photography adds richness to my life and I don’t ever want to stop improving.

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