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May 28 2017

It was Kaori’s birthday yesterday and I really enjoyed spoiling her.

After making a breakfast of ricotta pancakes, fruit salad, and turkey bacon, we went shopping for her gift. We’d been planning it for a little while. We enlisted the help of a friend, Jay, who is in the jewelry business and used to work in the pearl industry in French Polynesia, and we came away with a set of Mikimoto pearls: necklace, bracelet, and earrings. They are stunning to see on Kaori and will be cherished forever.

We’d already done some window shopping for a gift, and had some nice times taking breaks in coffee shops and restaurants while talking about it. And here are a couple of pre-birthday shopping trip photos.

During the afternoon of Kaori’s birthday, we drove into San Francisco for dinner at La Folie, where someone (I wonder who) had arranged for red roses to be delivered to her table. We had a wonderful time and laughed so hard for most of the night – especially on the way home, but we won’t go into that.

With my nine-year old digital camera, it was hard to take technically decent photos in the very low light of the restaurant, handheld, with no flash, and top-lighting putting shadows in the wrong places. But here’s one that’s not so bad. Isn’t she beautiful!

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