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Dec 26 2015

Merry Christmas, everyone. Kaori and I had a quiet but very enjoyable Christmas Day. We got up at sunrise, scraped some frost off the car, and drove out to a local creek to take the dog for a walk. We weren’t quite prepared for how cold it would be, but I did take a few photos and we ended up the walk by warming our hands with our first gourmet coffee of the day.

For the photos, I used Fuji Neopan Acros film for the first time, and I have to say I don’t like it much. Compared to other films, the tonal transitions are not very smooth and the blacks are not very black. And unless I did something different with my scanning, the results are also not very sharp. Some people really like this film, but for me there’s a reason why it’s cheaper than other films.

After a hot shower, we did some shopping for seasonal foods at a Japanese grocery store and then had our second coffee with pastries in an asian-style French bakery.

We then went home and took a rare and lovely nap. Kaori made Japanese sukyaki for dinner with a rich warming broth while I developed these negatives. We then watched episode 1 of Mr Selfridge, which was recommended to us, and, I scanned the dried negatives. Now, it’s time to do a little reading. What a nice day!

These next couple of photos are from a recent outing to San Francisco. It was an overcast day which made for flat-looking soft images. This is one of the few photos with me in in. I’m always the person behind the camera! Kaori should take more photos because her composition was better than mine. I tried to separate her from the ship but she had the right idea.

And lastly, here’s one of the girls at Santana Row.

Overall, I hope to be doing another Christmas Day, but not not developing any more Fuji Acros.

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