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Dec 16 2015

Winter madness

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

I’m not a fan of over-processed photos and am proud of the fact that I’ve never done HDR. But just to try something different, I revisited a few winter-scene pics from my trip to the Lakes earlier in the year and let rip with Lightroom. And did I really contemplate buying a Thomas Kinkade painting for a brief microsecond?

I had a request from Sachi to see the original of the first photo. Here it is.

As you see, it looks a lot different, but the core features are there. I took the photo early in the morning when all of the lights were on, and I used a tripod to get the picture nice and sharp with the long exposure in low light. The yellow color of the lights is mostly natural. I just used Lightroom to crop the photo and get the processed effect by maximizing the sliders for contrast, highlights, shadows, and clarity, and then lowering the vibrance a little. It’s really quick.

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