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Nov 02 2015

I spent a lovely lunch visiting Cerys today. After eating, we spent an hour or so wandering around the Japanese garden in Hayward. It’s a hidden spot, not too far from downtown, that’s really quite serene. Cerys has really taking to college life and has quickly become such a level-headed, responsible young woman. She even gets out of bed when her alarm clock goes off. I never thought that would happen! It’s really fun to spend time with her.

I took my very heavy “bazooka” Mamiya RB67 camera with me and shot a roll of film (10 photos). I developed the roll tonight and here’s the first photo I scanned.

The format of the negative is 6 x 7 cm. This is an unusual proportion that I’m not sure I really like. It’s neither square nor landscape. What do you think?

Next, it was time to head back to her apartment so I could help her with her college Chemistry stoichiometry problems. That was fun too actually, especially the part where I got all the answers right.

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