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Jun 14 2015

Last weekend Kaori and I went into San Francisco to celebrate her birthday. I wanted to take some photos, but without taking attention away from Kaori. So, I took only one roll of film and my vintage Yashica Mat 124g camera. This camera produces very cool-looking square Instagram-like photos. Or is it that Instagram produces very cool looking square vintage-like photos. Hmmmm?

With only 12 frames, I wanted to make every one count. However, I blew that ideal before we even left the house because I accidentally took the first frame of the wall when I was loading the film. Ah well — 11 images left.

Clearly, some of the shots weren’t timed so well and it’s hard to get great photos without spending time setting them up. And then there’s my windy hair issue! But I’m pleased with how they came out. I just love using these classic film cameras.

Thanks to Jonathan for taking the last picture, and to Jonathan and Sanae for taking care of Sakura for the day. We had a successful shopping trip, as well as a good brunch and a delicious dinner.

Here are all eleven photos in random order.

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