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Dec 13 2014

Family connection

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

Being married to Kaori isn’t the first time my family has had a connection with Japan. My grandfather was a sailor and had this photo taken on June 7th, 1934 in the port of Yokohama near Tokyo Bay. We don’t know who the man in the picture is, but he’s a handsome fellow.

This is a wonderful portrait. It has nice lighting and soft tones. These days, everyone has a camera and hundreds of bad snapshots of themselves. I would rather see one high quality photo that has an enduring story behind it – even if we don’t know what it is – than a thousand casual iPhone photos. If I look at this photo for long enough, I can feel as though at any moment my grandfather might stand up, reach his hand out through the photo, and introduce himself.

Someday, I’ll put together a gallery of old family photos.

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