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Nov 22 2014

Carmel film photos

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

When we were in Carmel a few weekends ago I took along my Yashica twin lens reflex film camera and shot one roll (12 photos). They came back from the developer today, all nicely exposed because I used a separate light meter. Here are a few examples.

This is Carmel Mission – a really beautiful spot that’s not far from Ocean Avenue, but which a lot of people miss.

Medium format film has a square, 6cm x 6cm negative. This makes the resolution much higher than that of digital cameras, which have sensors smaller than the nails on our little fingers.

The Yashica TLR was used a lot in the 70’s for training photography students because it was cheap but still gave decent results. Maybe one day I’ll have a Rolleiflex TLR, which was used by all the best pro photographers in that era.

I used Kodak EKTAR 100 film, which was introduced by Kodak only about five years ago (and after most of the company went bankrupt). It has a fine grain and is great for landscape photos because of its rich, saturated tones. It’s too much for skin though, and Kaori came out too orange. I toned down the saturation for her photo in Lightroom to give a lovely vintage look. This is a common trick that EKTAR users follow.

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