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Nov 10 2014

Anthony, Tim, and I went hiking in the Sierras this weekend. We put in some miles while also finding some time to lark about. Alicia’s Sugar Shack and Mia’s kept our stomachs full on the road, and the ramen trail chicken pot pie and bannock bread fueled our trail adventures.

We fished just like when we were kids.

We did some light painting to make sure that you can tell where the moon is.

And to send a message to our loved ones.

We did some fire making to keep us warm while we ate dinner, baked bannock bread, and drank Sherpa tea.

On Sunday, we worked off Alicia’s famous eggs Benedict’s with some jogging Pinecrest Lake – keep watching.

We practiced fighting off bears.

And later did some animal kissing.

And we hung out and talked boys talk.

We stopped for one last photo op before heading west in our wagon ( Suburu wagon that is).

As you see, we had a great time and can’t wait to go back for a longer trip with some backpacking.

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