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Jul 14 2014

I found this useful resource for lighting to best suit particular facial features on this page.

Model Issue Resolution
Round or Fat Face Pose model 3/4 to the camera, use short lighting, raise camera angle slightly
Thin Face Pose model facing the camera
Wrinkly Face, Deep Lines Use softer, frontal lighting
Blemishes or Scars Shadow problem areas, or reposition
Big Nose Raise chin slightly, pose nose straight into lens
Small nose Pose nose at an angle to camera
Square jaw 3/4 pose, higher camera angle
Multiple chins Stretch neck, lean head toward camera
Different sized eyes Largest eye close to camera, other in shadow, largest eye away creates evening effect
Deep set eyes Light into eyes
Blinkers Time shot after subject blinks
Large Ears 3/4 pose, only show one ear, shadow second ear
Eye Glass Wearers Shoot with empty frames, position glasses away from lights, bring lights in from high or bounce off ceiling
People with Dark Hair Check to make sure that background doesn’t show through hair, restyle if necessary.

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