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Jul 13 2014

San Jose Obon Festival

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

Kaori and I went to the Japantown area of San Jose to celebrate the Obon festival with the large Japanese community in the Bay Area. Obon is a Japanese festival that celebrates the spirits of family ancestors.

Each of the lanterns hanging from the wires across the street has a name of an ancestor hanging from it.

There was a lot of slow Bon Odori dancing where anyone who wanted to walked around in an oval dancing to the traditional Obon music.

The dancers took their cues from the ladies on platforms in the middle of the dancing “circuit”.

The colours of the costumes were fabulous.

Older Japanese ladies are so elegant and dignified. The Japanese have such pride in, and reverence for, their culture.

There were lots of kids dressed up.

And quite a few gaijin having a great time too!

Kaori wore her summer kimono for the event and joined in the dancing.

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