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Jun 29 2014

Portuguese church parade

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

I almost always have a camera with me in case I run into something worth photographing. As I was driving back from a hike in the hills this morning I came across a parade walking to a beautiful Portuguese church. There were some strange sights – everything from giant bread hats to a camera drone. It was a good reminder that even close to home we can see glimpses of other cultures that allow us to take at-home “travel photos”.

These photos were all shot in manual mode, which has become my mode of choice because of the better consistency in exposure from photo to photo. The strong overhead sun, which I usually avoid, added color and sharp contrast which worked in this scene.

I love the reflection of the church in the tuba.

There were dozens of ornately dressed girls hanging around the church.

There were also some very large hats made of bread and flowers.

But the hat wearers didn’t seem too amused by their work.

Bread is clearly a big part of this celebration as there was also a long pole of large pretzels carried by some somber gentlemen.

There were some beautiful and happy princesses, and a man sagging his jeans.

And queens with ladies-in-waiting.

And the whole parade was watched over by a camera drone that hovered overhead. I don’t know if it was a police drone or private photography drone, but it was a little eerie and the first time I’ve seen a small one like this in use.

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