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May 25 2014

SF Carnaval 2014

By Mark Beresford | Comments 6

The San Francisco 36th Annual Carnaval (spelled correctly) celebrating Latin American and Caribbean traditions was held over Memorial Day weekend, and Kaori and I visited on Saturday.

The day started with some shopping and coffee in Cupertino.

The light was good outside the cafe so it was time for a quick photo shoot. The white wall reflected enough light to soften the shadow on her left cheek and make a wide shadow transition zone which is what portrait photographers aim for when taking typical portraits of women.

San Francisco is a very vibrant place with lots of interesting people.

It was hard to get good photos in the open with the midday sun casting hard shadows, but sometimes you just have to go with what you’re given.

There’s so much to see and even small things can capture your attention, such as these two building scenes. I like the symmetry and color in this one.

And in this one I like the tiny detail of the flower that’s the same color as the stairs.

But we went for the colorful show, and we weren’t disappointed!

Before heading back, we had time for a couple more photos. Kaori played the gangsta girl.

Which got somebody’s attention.

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